• Detection and Defense System
  • Passive Detection System
  • CCS Command and Control Platform
  • Active Optoelectronic Detection System
  • Detection and Spoofing System
Detection and Defense System
Detection and Defense System
The system possesses the capabilities of detection, identification, direction finding, and jamming, it can enable intelligent detection and early warning, as well as automatic defense and jamming against "unauthorized" drones
Passive Detection System
Passive Detection System
Capable of detection and identification, early warning, direction finding, and network positioning. Also can be deployed in a single set or in multiple sets for networking
CCS Command and Control Platform
CCS Command and Control Platform
An intelligent system that comprehensively manages and monitors the detection and defense devices of drones
Active Optoelectronic Detection System
Active Optoelectronic Detection System
Integrate the functions of active detection, intelligent identification, target positioning, and evidence collection and tracking
Detection and Spoofing System
Detection and Spoofing System 
Jamming drones based on pseudo-distance, single-point, carrier-phase and real-time differential positioning
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Public Safety
  • Critical Infrastructures
  • Airports
  • Commercial Settings
Defense System Support
The prevention of contraband trafficking is an ever-present challenge for correctional facilities. Because drones are effective, efficient, and give the operator/offender the possibility of anonymity, drones are being employed more than ever before to carry significant quantities of contraband straight to inmates. Drones can simply fly over security perimeters, deliver payloads and depart, remaining undetected and avoiding any alarms.To prevent drone intrusion, a more robust, advanced security s...
Public Security Justice
Nowadays, drones can be easily purchased by the general public practically anywhere in the world. Commercial drones in the market are becoming increasingly diverse, capable, accessible, and affordable, which raises many potential risks. Property owners, tenants, and companies must consider these dangers in relation to private or public organizations.Lizheng's solutions can ID and geolocalize individual drones, making it easy to manage and keep track of unauthorized vs. harmless drones. Lizheng's...
Industry and Mines
Any damage to critical infrastructure has the potential to cause large-scale and extremely costly disruptions. Many traditional security systems may be vulnerable to drone threats, since malicious drones can easily fly over fences for surveillance and sabotage purposes. The danger and damage of drone intrusions, whether accidental or intentional, can be minimized by an efficient C-UAS solution.Lizheng's C-UAS system provides customizable security solutions for critical infrastructures such as wa...
Airports & Stations
News incidents involving rogue drones are becoming increasingly common. In particular, drones can lead to risk of collision with aircrafts and cause significant disruption at airports. In addition to aircrafts, the airport itself constitutes an attractive target, since large volumes of people and high-value goods pass through airports on a daily basis.With the rapid expansion of the drone industry, C-UAS solutions are growing in demand. Lizheng’s technology is currently used at numerous internat...
Scenic and Stadium
Large organizations are taking active steps in preventive security measures to minimize UAS threats. In some scenarios, there may already be authorized drones operating onsite, such as for filming or monitoring purposes. Any unauthorized drone can cause collisions, whether unintentionally or not. Distinguishing between intruders and permitted operators becomes essential.lizheng's advanced technology can provide an additional layer of security, offering leading-edge early-detection with a low fal...