Lizheng Technology Presented at China (Shenzhen) Dual-use Technology and Equipment Expo

The 11th China (Shenzhen) National Defense Informatization Equipment and Technology Expo and China (Shenzhen) Dual-use Technology and Equipment Expo (hereafter called "The Expo") came to a successful conclusion at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, on December 8, 2023.

Lizhengtech —— China (Shenzhen) dual-use technology and equipment expo

(Lizheng Technology’s representative, first from the left.)

It is reported that this Expo gathered the world's top defense science and technology enterprises and experts to discuss the trend and future of defense science and technology development. Beijing Lizheng Technology Co., (hereinafter referred to as "Lizheng Technology"), one of the manufacturers of anti-drone systems, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of this year's Expo, in addition to displaying its outstanding technology and products in the specially installed booth.


At the Expo, Lizheng Technology with its profound scientific and technological strength and excellent product performance won the high praise of the guests present, attracting the attention of many visitors and the industry. In this regard, the representative said: "This Expo is a good platform to show the strength and technology of Lizheng Technology. It is also an opportunity for Lizheng Technology to exchange and learn with global defense science and technology enterprises and experts. Lizheng Technology will insist to solve the world problem of drone defense."

Lizhengtech —— China (Shenzhen) dual-use technology and equipment expo

Whether it is the wonderful demonstration at the booth or the honorary invitation at the opening ceremony, it is the industry's strong affirmation of the professional technology of Lizheng Technology. Through the three-day exhibition, Lizheng Technology showed its cutting-edge achievements in the field of anti-drone cultivation and the unique and innovative cognitive radio reverse analysis technology, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the development in the field of drone countermeasures.

At the same time, a variety of anti-drone equipment displayed by Lizheng Technology became one of the highlights of the Expo. According to the introduction, this debut of the equipment in the Expo were "Handheld-type Drone Detection And Positioning Equipment", "Portable Drone Detection And Positioning Equipment", and "Fixed Drone Detection And Defense System ". These anti-drone equipment can quickly and accurately detect and track the target drone and take related countermeasures, with the advantages of high efficiency, precision, and safety, they can provide a perfect solution for the low altitude safety of the national defense, petroleum, and petrochemical, water conservancy and hydropower industries.

Lizhengtech —— China (Shenzhen) dual-use technology and equipment expo

With the continuous development of consumer-grade drones and industrial-grade drones, civil drone technology has been growing rapidly, and the security risks brought by various "black flight" phenomena have become more and more prominent. Effective detection and countermeasures against drones have become the focus of attention in the field of security and other areas.


As the domestic Cognitive Radio Protocol Reverse Parsing (CRPC) technology creator and Wireless Signal Machine Learning (RFML) technology advocate, LiZheng Technology will participate in the current expo to uphold the vision of "Make The Sky Safer", and continue to make the anti-drone technology research and development, contributing to the safe management of low-altitude airspace and the development of the low-altitude economy.